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Airway-Focused Orthodontics: Supporting Improved Health and Creating Beautiful Smiles

What if a beautiful smile was a healthy smile?

The position of our teeth, jaw and facial structures can affect our breathing, sleep and our cosmetics.  

We are dedicated to transformative orthodontic care that uses the latest in evidenced based dentistry. Our airway-focused approach to orthodontics and early treatment is designed to not only improve dental alignment but also considers better breathing, sleep quality, and facial development. 

We use early arch development, Orthotropics®, “braces” and clear aligner therapy   ( ie. Invisalign or Clear Correct ) while keeping whole health and airway in mind.

Optimizing facial growth, while harmonizing jaw alignment and enhancing breathing pathways, allows us to make a healthy smile that is beautiful.  This can include interventions that expand the palate and adjust the jaw position. We believe creating adequate space in the oral cavity ensures proper tongue space and function.

When to Consider Airway Orthodontics:

Consider an airway orthodontic evaluation if you or your child experiences:

  • Mouth breathing or an open mouth posture
  • Crowded or misaligned teeth
  • An underdeveloped jaw or flat facial profile
  • Frequent headaches or ear infections
  • Symptoms of snoring or sleep apnea
  • TMJD symptoms like pain, clicking, or popping
  • Habitual clenching and grinding of teeth
  • Enlarged tonsils and adenoids
  • Allergies

Dr. Meyer Balances the Face with Growth Guidance Therapy 

JIll_Meyer_Orthodontist_New_York_Suffern-1Dr. Jill Meyer

Dr. Jill Meyer leads our team in orthodontic care. She has almost 30 years experience in the dental field and over 18 years of experience in airway-focused orthodontic treatment with an emphasis on treating the pediatric population. She also extends her orthodontic care to the adult population. Dr. Meyer will assess which treatment is appropriate for you and/or your child.

Early Arch Development:

At Hindin Dental, advanced techniques for arch development are a cornerstone of our orthodontic strategy. This approach involves expanding the dental arch to ensure there is ample space for proper tooth alignment and to enhance airway accommodation and tongue space.  In most cases, successful treatment depends on early intervention, depending on the child’s tooth eruption pattern.  By widening the arch, we can address issues such as crowded teeth, which not only improves the aesthetic appearance of the smile but also plays a critical role in improving overall oral function. In some cases, early arch development is the only phase of orthodontics a child will require. In others, a shortened phase of braces will be needed when all the permanent teeth are erupted.

Expanding the arch can be beneficial for facilitating better breathing by enlarging the oral cavity and nasal passages, which can alleviate symptoms associated with constricted airways, such as sleep apnea and chronic snoring. This technique also helps in correcting bite discrepancies and reducing the risk of future dental health issues by providing teeth with adequate room to erupt into their correct positions.

The process of arch development at the Hindin Center may involve the use of specialized dental appliances like expanders, which are carefully adjusted over time to gently widen the arch. This not only enhances the patient’s ability to breathe more freely but also contributes to a more balanced facial symmetry and profile, ultimately leading to improved long-term health and confidence.


Orthotropics® is a comprehensive approach to managing facial growth and enhancing airway health in children under 10 years of age. This method differs significantly from traditional orthodontics by focusing not just on straightening teeth but on adjusting the jaw’s position and the child’s oral posture to optimize airway function and facial balance. The success of Orthotropics® depends on active patient cooperation and is our most difficult treatment.  By guiding facial growth effectively, Orthotropics® helps in establishing a more favorable jaw position, thus improving the airway and proper facial development.

Reopening Extraction Spaces:

This procedure is aimed at reversing the effects of previous extractions that have led to the collapse of the dental arch or misalignment of the jaw. Reopening these spaces helps to restore the natural arch and improve jaw alignment, which can possibly alleviate esthetic problems, misalignment of teeth, TMJD and sleep related breathing disorders including obstructive sleep apnea.

By reopening these spaces, we aim to restore the natural dental arch to its original contour. This involves the strategic use of orthodontic appliances, such as sagittal expanders, braces or clear aligners, designed to gradually move the remaining teeth back into their proper positions, effectively recreating the space for tooth replacement. The process may also involve the placement of dental implants or bridges in the reopened spaces to fully restore functionality and appearance.

Why is the Hindin Center Uniquely Qualified to Help with This?

Choosing the Hindin Center means opting for a comprehensive, holistic,  evidenced based approach to orthodontics. Dr. Meyer and her team are dedicated to delivering care that significantly improves both dental aesthetics and quality of life. 

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At age 14, my daughter Kendall was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. For over a year, we met with multiple specialists and used multiple products, all of which had no effect.

While researching sleep specialists; I accidentally came across the Hindin Center. I met with Dr. Jill Meyer and quickly she had a game plan. Other Dr’s said because of her age orthropics, moving the teeth and expanding the airway, wasn’t an option. However, within one week of Dr Jill installing an her device we saw a 75% improvement in sleep.

After three months her sleep apnea was gone. We are forever blessed and grateful for Dr Jill Meyer and all the work being done at the Hindin Center.

Allan Walsh

Hear From Our Patients!

Hear From Allan, Valley Cottage, NY

“At age 14, my daughter Kendall was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. For over a year, we met with multiple specialists and used multiple products, all of which had no effect.

While researching sleep specialists, I accidentally came across The Hindin Center. I met with Dr. Jill Meyer and quickly, she had a game plan. Other doctors said, because of her age, orthotropics, moving the teeth and expanding the airway, wasn’t an option. However, within one week of Dr. Jill installing her device, we saw a 75% improvement in sleep. After three months, her sleep apnea was gone.

We are forever blessed and grateful for Dr. Jill Meyer and all the work being done at the Hindin Center.”

Hear from Michelle, New Jersey

“Thank you for all you have done for both of my girls. We originally came to you in desperation to fix Danielle’s TMJ which was made worse by another orthodontist. You made her smile beautiful and got her out of pain. For that we are grateful!

Then came Melanie. She had been “expanded” by the same previous orthodontist but nobody could tell!

Thankfully, we got to you in time for Bioblock. It seemed strange, but if the child is young enough and compliant it works and wasn’t bad!!

Thanks to you and Bioblock Melanie has the most gorgeous smile and no TMJ issues!!”

Hear from Cathleen Finnican, Pearl River, NY
“Dr. Jill Meyer is the best dentist! She is well credentialed and is on the cutting edge of her field. Dr. Jill took the time to carefully review and plan a treatment for each of my 3 children, and each came with their own issues.

Each visit she was so excited to see their progress, Dr. Jill cares so much about her patients! At each appointment the next step was explained and my children and I were all on the same page with the process. I was very confident with her plan for each of my children and am thrilled with the final results. People constantly comment on my children’s beautiful smiles!

The staff is very professional and caring and the facility is clean and organized. I highly recommend Dr. Jill and her staff to you!”

Hear from Alan Plumer, MD, Suffern, NY
Invisalign made the biggest difference in my life in 20 years. I feel better, look better, and feel more refreshed in the morning. I no longer snore after this treatment.
Hear from Jennifer from Albany,NY
“I had both my mandibular and maxillary 1st bicuspids extracted when I was 9 years old. It was common practice back then in the orthodontic world to correct an overly crowded mouth.

I had braces for 4 years following the extractions. Growing up, I didn’t notice any physical issues due to the extractions, but looking back now, I can clearly see how I wasn’t able to breathe.

I had poor performance in sports and even trouble concentrating in school. At one point I was labeled as learning disabled. I didn’t know that I had a whole host of symptoms manifesting from my inability to breathe.
I developed a very bad habit of constantly placing my tongue in between my front teeth in an unconscious effort to open my airway. I was also very self conscious of my mouth and my side profile. I felt as though I didn’t look like everyone else, and often felt ugly due to my severely recessed lower face.

The first time I became aware of this very serious problem was a few years ago when I was staying in the mountains at an altitude of 3,500 feet. Within two days my lips and mucous membranes had turned blue and I experienced a lot of confusion and disorientation. I would wake up in the middle of the night, gasping for air and choking.

After doing some research, I came across Dr. William Hang’s approach to reopening extraction spaces, and that led me to find Dr. Jill Meyer Hindin. It’s been 2 years and 2 months since I started the journey of reopening my extraction spaces with Dr. Jill, and I have noticed a tremendous difference. I am able to hike at 7000 feet elevation with no problems at all and my overall health has greatly improved.

I used to struggle with extreme pallor, wheezing, chronic illnesses that wouldn’t respond to treatment, and neck problems. But since having my extraction spaces reopened, I look and feel more healthy and my chronic illnesses have completely resolved.

The self consciousness I always felt around my mouth being too small, is gone. I am no longer as shy as I once was and I feel so much more confidence in the way that I look, with a broader smile. People will frequently comment that I look younger now, as the expansion of my palate has led to a more full face with less noticeable nasolabial folds.

I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Jill. She is the most compassionate person and is thoroughly invested in helping people regain their health and well being. I am truly blessed to have embarked on this journey with her.”

Hear from Susan, New York, NY
Our daughter (age 9) was a terrible sleeper – she would snore, grind her teeth, sleep with her mouth open and was very restless during the night. As a result, she was tired and cranky throughout the day.

We took her to an ENT specialist, who ordered a sleep study, then recommended that her tonsils be removed! Luckily, a friend recommended Dr. Meyer to us.

Dr. Meyer was kind, knowledgeable and very understanding as she explained the ways Biobloc would help our daughter’s sleep issues. It’s been a year since our daughter started the treatment. She now sleeps through the night with her mouth closed and without grinding or snoring.

As we were informed from the start, the treatment is difficult, but the results have far exceeded our expectations. We are amazed with the outcome. And, I never thought she would admit it, but just the other day our daughter said that it was all worth it – she’s the one who is most thrilled with the results!

Hear from Kerri, Nyack, NY
When my daughter was 8 it was clear that she needed an orthodontist’s intervention. Her teeth were so crowded that the front two were getting pushed to be parallel with each other instead of side by side. And when her baby incisors fell out there was no room for the new ones to come in. And she had an overbite.

We saw a traditional orthodontist who planned to expand her top palette and explained that if there still wasn’t enough room after expansion he would pull out some teeth to make room.

Jill Hindin had a more holistic approach. She showed how my daughter’s jaw was growing forward instead of out, and that created a “gothic arch” instead of a nice wide curve of her top jaw. Her bottom teeth were all falling inward as well.

Jill’s plan was to utilize the Bio-Bloc technique, which wasn’t just about moving teeth around but would direct the growth of the jaw so that her teeth would have room to come in straight, and correct any airway and structural issues.

The first step was expansion of both the top and bottom palettes. This took my daughter a few days to adjust to. The first night was very difficult but it became easy soon after. The bottom expander straightened the teeth up. The top expander widened the palette, and Jill put on braces on the first 6 teeth to keep them in place while the expanding was happening.

Once the top was expanded, it looked like my daughter had a big overbite, but this is where the bio-bloc came in. The bio-bloc is an appliance that held the new shape of her top palette while bringing the lower jaw into a more forward position. The reason for this is to direct the growth of the jaw to properly line up with the nice, new, bigger shape of the top palette.

Because we did this at a young age, Jill explained that the jaw bone will grow into this position. This was the hardest part to adjust to because she had to hold her teeth together ALL the time (except for eating). For some it can be hard to learn to speak like this and harder still to understand them, but my daughter is a talker so she had little difficulty there.

For us, I can definitely say it was worth it. The first night that my daughter wore the bio-bloc she fell asleep quite easily, which shocked me, and was a bonus I wasn’t expecting. She had always had sleep difficulties, especially getting to sleep, ever since she was an infant. The bio-bloc had a great effect in that it opened up her airway, which I believe is what helped her fall off to sleep better than she ever had in her life. She has continued to fall asleep faster and more easily.

Also, before we had begun the bio bloc her eyes had started drooping on the outside, and her chin was receding. Now she has a perfect profile, perfect proportion, and her eyes aren’t drooping anymore. So in addition to improved sleeping, improved airway, nice looking teeth that fit in her mouth, and not needing to pull out any grown up teeth, the bio-bloc had a great cosmetic effect on her facial growth. She also feels like it is easier now to project her voice. (Before bio-bloc teachers were always asking her to speak up.)I definitely recommend it for children who need it. I also think it was an advantage to get this work done while she was still in elementary school, a time when she wasn’t at all conscious of her looks and her peers thought their braces, etc. were “cool” and before the self-consciousness of middle and high school sets in.

Hear From Paul, Nyack, NY

I’ve been meaning to write to tell you how thrilled we are with how terrific Ryan’s teeth look! We are deeply appreciative of the great work you have done, and while it was a long road (for all of us!), it has certainly paid off.

We know this makes him a healthier, more confident individual and we want to make sure you know we are grateful for your diligence, talent and hard work. I look forward to thanking you in person, and until then please accept this note of gratitude.

Hear from Lucy, Age 10, Tappan, NY

You are a miracle worker.


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