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Fighting Gum Disease at the Hindin Center

According to the recently released Surgeon General’s report on oral health in America, a large percentage of the population suffers from a reduced quality of life due to oral pain.

This pain is due largely to infections of the gums. In fact, more than 75 percent of the population is affected by some type of periodontal disease or gingivitis.
At the Hindin Center, we say that it’s never too early to consider periodontia, because so many serious health conditions are related to the health of your gums. There is growing evidence of a correlation between gum disease and heart disease, diabetes and stroke — diseases that may be characterized by bleeding and swollen gums, mouth ulcers, and dry mouth.

The First Step Back to Health

Gum problems can be diagnosed in their early stages with a thorough oral examination. At The Hindin Center, our comprehensive examinations from your first visit can detect the earliest stages of gum disease, so you can get effective treatment quickly and safely if necessary, before other health concerns arise.


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