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Are Dental Implants for You?

Dentists at the The Hindin Center in Suffern, NY offer expertly crafted dental implants to patients in Rockland County, Westchester and the entire NY area.

What is a Dental Implant?

It is a synthetic replacement for a tooth root that lets a patient enjoy a better smile and greater stability.

A dental implant is a high-quality solution with a high success rate. Implant materials are biologically compatible and medically safe.

Implants can be expensive compared with other solutions, but the results may outweigh the costs for some individuals.

Am I a candidate for Dental Implants?

Here are criteria for being eligible to receive implants…

  • You are in good overall health
  • You are able, physically and emotionally, to undergo oral surgery
  • You have enough bone structure to support the implants
  • You do not have diabetes or heart disease
  • You are not a heavy smoker
  • You have not had radiation therapy in the head or neck

A detailed review of your your medical history with a dentist who is expert in dental implant procedures is crucial.


  • Improve your speech
  • Improve your appearance
  • Consume food more easily
  • Have a long-lasting solution
  • In the case of standalone implants, they may not have to be removed

Crowns vs. Dentures

A dental implant can act as the base to which artificial teeth can be attached. One option is to attach a crown to the post of the implant. The implant is permanent, but the crowns can be replaced in the event there is damage or discoloration.

Another option is to attach dentures to the posts of strategically placed implants, and can be removed and reinserted at the option of the patient.

Receiving Dental Implants

The first step of the process is to meet with your implant team. This may be comprised of different professionals who specialize in just one or two aspects of the process.

Surgery will place the implant slightly above the jaw bone, and a screw is inserted to prevent gum tissue from entering. Gums will then be attached over the top.

A three- to six-month waiting period will be necessary for “osseointegration”, where gum tissue grafts onto the titanium implant. A restricted diet prevents irritation or dislodging of the implant.

Once healed, the implant is uncovered, and a post is attached to it. The gums are then reattached to the post, and another healing period is necessary. The post will then connect to your replacement teeth.

After the healing period ends, your dentist creates crowns or dentures that will be attached to the post, and there you have it – a brand new smile!

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